Jackie (PIN: 7097) - busy

Hi. Hello. I'm Jackie. I've been looking forward to having a chat with you. I am 5ft 9" in height, I'm a dress size 12, my hair is shoulder length chestnut brown and I've been told I have a cute smile. Well now you know a bit about me, fancy a chat?

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Jackie’s Comments

For: Jackie 2 weeks ago

Argh! Jackie sorry my battery died AGAIN! Mark x x x

For: Jackie 3 weeks ago

Do so enjoy every moment of my time with you. Think you are wonderful Jackie darling. Lots of loving, Derek XXX

For: Jackie 3 weeks ago

Still missing you beautiful lady. I hope you pick up where We left off One day soon, your pics are fabulous your new guy you know when I can come on

For: Jackie 3 weeks ago

Miss you babe sorry it. Has to be so late I bet you can guess what I'm thinking of lots of love your new guy

For: Jackie 3 weeks ago

Hi Jackie, it's Brian loved our first call you're just so fantastic, it was short but so good you was so responsive I think we can have so much fun in the future I prefer long calls to get to know the person and I would love to get to know you.

For: Jackie 3 weeks ago

You are a very special girl Jackie darling. Thrilling to be with. Love you so much Derek XXX

For: Jackie 1 month ago

One of the most skilled calligraphers

For: Jackie 2 months ago

Hi babe I enjoyed our chat the other day I want to marry you so much . From Simon in Dorset

For: Jackie 2 months ago

You are wonderful Jackie darling. Adore you. So feminen yet so horny. Lots of loving. Derek XXX

For: Jackie 2 months ago

Dam my phone sweetheart, was really getting in to you and cut off, another time sexy lady..x

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