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Hello there, I am Nicola, I am 30 years old and my I.D number is 7195. I am a little chatterbox so a cock in my mouth will soon keep me quiet !! I've large tits, a big firm bottom and gorgeous long legs with a hairy cunt. I love to get naughty in the bedroom, in fact I like to get naughty any place, any where any time. Call me, Nicola 7195.

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Nicola’s Comments

For: Nicola 1 year ago

Wow! Amazing hot chat with the wonderful nicola, thanks, steve

For: Nicola 1 day ago

Hi Nicola - tried to catch you at 6.00 this morning but no joy. Will try call this week as I desperately need to hear your gorgeous vice. Richard xxxxxx

For: Nicola 5 days ago

Morning Nicola. Any chance of a private 2-4-1 MOT LOL with you & your naughty female bestie, to check certain parts are still working? Mr N G

For: Nicola 5 days ago

Hello my lovely foot goddess I had a lovely time worshipping your smelly sweaty stinky feet. Lovely them so much .can't wait for our next session live sanj

For: Nicola 6 days ago

Jerry, she must of really enjoyed you inside her. The horny bitch xx

For: Nicola 1 week ago

Really urging to hear your gorgeous voice again si I will keep trying. My libido desperately needs a Nicola boost soon. Think I just missed you this morning.....damn !!! Richard needs you so badly !!xxxxxxx

For: Nicola 1 week ago

I did what we talked about and took her as soon as she walked in the door. Ended up with a lot of bites, scratches and bruises for both of us. Lots of nasty dirty horny sexy unwashed fun-Jerry

For: Nicola 1 week ago

Odin goes in the garden.. But l usually take him out now around lunchtime early evening xxx

For: Nicola 1 week ago

I'll try sweetheart but I sometimes have to be logged on then. I thought that you were out with Odin then ?!!! xxxxxx

For: Nicola 1 week ago

Richard try me about 6 in the mornings xxxxx

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