Taniya (PIN: 7179) - offline

Hi guys, my name is Taniya. I am what you would call a Milf. I know what I like, I know what I want and I always get it!!.. I am 5 ft 6" tall with blue eyes and dark long hair. I am very horny and love lots of nipple-play. To tease them, to kiss them, to nibble on them.. my oh my that sends me wild. I love walks and naughty work outs, give me a call and get your lips around my hard nipples!!!

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Taniya’s Comments

For: Taniya 1 day ago

Call me and I will tell you exactly where to put that haggis!! 😂 love Taniya 😘

For: Taniya 5 days ago

Should Fife's no 1 naughtiest female no be making brekkie for A N Other x several? Or have all concerned buggered offin order to give you peace to get your tits and fanny out? LOL

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Taniya, you are a amazing lady (Fife's best), and one of the very best on these lines. Thank you for your enthusiastic performace last night, you successfully made me CUM twice - RICHARD

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Scotlands best, naughtiest, bend me over, fillet of fish large fries and sparkling water, u any ideas where to put the haggis xxxx

For: Taniya 4 weeks ago

It's not fair, 8.00am every morning I am on a train going to work while you are at home just chilling. Oh well that's life! Speak to you soon.

For: Taniya 1 month ago

I know who has the power and I don't mean only the shower 😉! Love Taniya 😘

For: Taniya 1 month ago

I hope you enjoyed your power shower this morning, you get the shower and you get reminded who has the power. I bet you are looking forward to tomorrow to do it all again. Master G

For: Taniya 1 month ago

Oh Mark I will miss you 😘! Hope you will able to get away to play very soon! In the mean time I will try to have fun but I will always be waiting for you MY Perv Mark! Love Taniya 😘

For: Taniya 1 month ago

Taniya the cat, well a kitten has returned until the cat gets back so unfortunately a bit of radio silence. I have enjoyed our recent chats you have a rare talent. I hope to be back in the not too distant future.Have fun in the meantime Mark

For: Taniya 1 month ago

So Mark while the cat is away the mice shall play 🐱! Mine is needing some loving 😜! Come on MY perv Mark! Love Taniya 😘

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