Charlotte (PIN: 1830) - offline

Hi there, you are through to Charlotte all my friends call me Charlie. I am home alone now and feeling really naughty and full of energy and would love to have your company. How about you give me a call we can get naughty together. I Can't wait to hear from you.

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Charlotte’s Comments

For: Charlotte 5 days ago

Hi Charlotte , Jack here sorry can't share lovely sexy chats with you , the site inform me they won't accept my email addtess , I have tried numerous times , no luck , sadly our loss ,bfn Jack xxxxx

For: Charlotte 1 week ago

Thank you for a lovely chat, Charlie. It was a pleasure to meet you, Tom x

For: Charlotte 2 weeks ago

Any chance of leaving a message jack

For: Charlotte 4 months ago

after some fantastic oral wonderful licking and sucking , Charlotte put her lovely long legs over my shoulders and she took my rock hard cock deep inside her wonderful wet vagina , as I emptied my balls she asked me to spunk on her face

For: Charlotte 4 months ago

a week can be a long time apart , all I could do is wank to Charlottes fabulous pictures , we certainly made up today , we were like a couple in heat fucking each other senseless we certainly both peeked cunt juices and spunk flowing , lol Jack xxxxx

For: Charlotte 4 months ago

Charlotte has just given me one fabulous FUCK my cock deep inside her wonderful wet vagina shoot,ing my warm spunk in mixing with her fantastic juicy tastey pussy juices , enjoy your visit back home I will wank for you all week , thanks honey , Ja

For: Charlotte 5 months ago

well Charlotte that was absolutely fabulous plenty of oral licking and sucking , your vaginal juices are delicious , but you know that , then we had one fanntastic FUCK , hope to catch up with you before sunday darling , bfn Jack xxxxx

For: Charlotte 5 months ago

Hi Charlotte I was to busy wanking earlier to write comment after a truly wonderful fuck session , my cock starting to get hard again , see what you do for me , thanks for great times with , you are one fabulous SEXY woman , thanks Jack xxxxx

For: Charlotte 5 months ago

Charlotte asked me to thrust my cock deep inside her gorgeous vagina doggy as hit was realy wet after she was active with her dildo , her pussy was so wet my cock was iust sliding in and out offloading my spunk , thanks honey , Jack xxxxx

For: Charlotte 5 months ago

that was incredible Charlootte had her legs over my shoulders and my cock was deep inside her warm moist vagina , emprtied my balls my warm spunk to mix with her delicious pussy juices , I will be backfor your vagina later , lol Jack xxxxx

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