Kerry (PIN: 1511) - offline

Hi I'm Kerry. I'm in my 30s and have long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I'm curvy in all the right places and I have big boobs. I like being shaven. I really enjoy dressing up in naughty underwear. So if you fancy a chat and want to find out more about me and would like to share your fantasies or maybe mine, my agent number is 1511. I look forward to hearing from you. Bye.

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Kerry’s Comments

For: Kerry 20 hours ago

I shall return to a naughty slut around 8:30pm All Being Well

For: Kerry 22 hours ago

If a naughty female ends up spending her day tomorrow in "reflection", ENJOY and be gentle to ALL who are there with you LOL

For: Kerry 1 day ago

I was v well behaved after we spoke tonight. I only visually licked a few fannies and shit holes belonging to several females honest Miss. Was glad to hear Miss Kerry had a quiet day today too. A well behaved male

For: Kerry 2 days ago

Hope Messrs A, B & C were as well behaved today, as the sender of this comment is whenever he turns up for a private tutorial. I also hope Ms's D, E & F + all other females in that group were not needing to have their arse craics chastised LOL A Chee

For: Kerry 3 days ago

My favourite lady on here.. Hope she knows who this is? Remember was in the car backseat chatting to you once?? R

For: Kerry 4 days ago

Hope everything is/was hunky dory when Miss eventually got her arse back behind her day job desk today, after spending 7 days being an utter tart LOL both physically and verbally last week LOL A Cheeky Male

For: Kerry 4 days ago

Hi Horny Kerry. My rocket 🚀 can't wait to fuck that lovely shaven 🪒 cunt of yours and that lovely peach 🍑 ass and then exploded 💥 in that hot mouth 👄 and you milk 🥛 every last drop from my balls. Xx 😘 love you Nick 🌹🍾xX

For: Kerry 6 days ago

I would have thought Miss by now would have been preparing to return to her "other duties" cum Monday, as suppose to being a little slag LOL as she has been so far all week LOL A Cheeky Male

For: Kerry 1 week ago

Belated apologies for my very late call off from today's + this weekend's tutorials Miss. I appear to have come down with delhi belly. Would you like a soft chocolate pancake for your afternoon tea? I should be ok for next week A Bad Male Boss

For: Kerry 1 week ago

Hope you had the best ever Valentine's Day darling, with plenty of fucks with cum dripping from your bald cunt Dave the guy with the 13" cock

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